Greyhawk: The Undead

A Curious Creature


<font>We made our way through the dungeon, storerooms filled with goods from the soldiers who lived here decades ago. The stech of rotting goods, unwashed mongrals and creeping mold of age make the keep unbearable to the senses. We move room to room looking for answers, looking for the source of the evil which creeps these isles.

We cautiously approached the cell area, corpses littering the alcoves in all stages of decomposition. In the cell sat a lone goblin, shieldeding himself from us yet as we looked at him his expression moved from fear into optimism.

[Have James write splug character component]

It was a difficult choice, without a proper map or information about this place he would be a suitable guide. On the other hand, he could lead us right into a trap. Eccaia seemed to take a liking to Splug while [Eva] consistantly reminded us that they could not be trusted. Unlike his mindless breathren Spug appeared to be on the intelligent side of goblinkind, while that does not say much abou there capability it gave me reason to believe we may be an asset.

Against [Eva] protest we unlocked his cell and splug became our guide. By Morodins grace I hope that our decision was the right one, for both of our well beings.
Party XP Gained: 1250</font>
Party Funds Gained: 55gp 25s 0c
Notable Items: +1 Bloodcut Hide Armor (840g) (not taken – unable to carry)</font>


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