Greyhawk: The Undead

Winterhaven Graveyard

<font>When we arrived back in town we were not met with joyful faces but those of despair and deprevation. As we approached the town wall Lord Pedrag stood with his captain and imparted some truly terrible news. The undead have arrisen in the nearby grave yard, untold horrors resurected upon this world under the control of a dark puppetmaster. This could not have been a coincidence, the ones we seek to destroy in Shadowfell are the ones responsible.

I have pledged myself into the erradicating the undead from these lands, it is my oath, it is my destiny.

Pedrag spoke of a large number of people who were taken into the night by these abominations, the gravel leading towards teh graveyard was distrubed with the blood of innocents. Rage filled my heart and Morodin's bolstered my resolve as we sought out to end this plague and retrieve those who were taken. I have never known undead to take prisioners and as women and children were amongst those taken my heart felt heavy.

We approached the large wooden gate of the cemetary, light snow covered the grounds and darkness filled the area. As we entered a suprising sight befell our group – Nineran. The trapper from the keep beckoned to us, warning of the undead asking to follow. Why was this questionable "trapper" so desperate for our help after weeks of being dishorable to us, we readied our weapons and did our best to hide our true intentions. We knew this elf was lying and we were going to find out why.


Nineran had changed, darkness drew her eys bloodshot red, her words dark as she lashed out in an a togue we could only partially decifer. How many others have are helping [Enemy name], how many others must we smite to restore the light to winterhaven?

Eccaia seemed eager to kill Nineran for her betrayals but my oath is absolute, she must stand trial for her sins and as such I dragged Nineran back to Lord Pedrag for incarseration and questioning. Let us hope that the next individual we bring to the keep is [Boss].

<font>Party XP Gained: 1950xp
Party Funds Gained: 39gp 0s 0c</font>



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