Greyhawk: The Undead

The Ruined Keep

<font>Disbarking the walls of Winterhaven a light snow coated the trail to the ruined keep, a satisfying crunch as we waded through the snow along the path to the Winterhaven keep. The snow obscured our view and as we arrived in the clearing we stood at the foot of the [Keep Name] laying in ruin. Walls surrounded the keep fallen from previous battles and the weathering of time, chunks of rock, dust and debris was scattered through the area. We approached carefully, not knowing who was watching nor what we encountered [Eva] noticed an enterance into the lower bowls of the keep.

Took shifted through the shadows into the depths of the keep, seeing a single Kobold guard and signaling us foward. As I entered the room I found Took cleaning her blade standing over the Kobold guard, smiling gleefully while a patroll approached out of her sightline. Arrows rocketed forward from the hall striking my shield, as took took cover a loud click drew my eyes towards took as she disapered into the floor. The room filled with shifty Kobolds filth as we hunted them relentlessly, what drives these monsters to do the willing of [Evil God].

By Morodins might I shall exorcise the evil that lives here.</font><font>

</font><font>Party XP Gained: 1550xp
Party Funds Gained: 36gp 42s 0c</font>



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