Greyhawk: The Undead

The Goblin Hordes

With the undead cleansed from Winterhaven we made haste back to the Keep, well rested we all looked at one another and nodded as we entered the keep once more. We knew that this would not be as easy as last time, the goblins would be watching for our return and as we approached the stairs I drew my shield and marched forward.

As the light from [Eva] shone forward, our presence was known by those who stood guard. A pair of goblin brutes adorned in armor and shield, barely enough for a dwarf let alone the five of us. I charged into battle greeting these creatures with the blows of my hammer. The rythmic sounds of battle echod through the halls as metal and fire struck our foes and scorched the walls.

As the last goblin fell the pitter patter of more approached, we took possition near the storage room and cut down there numbers one by one. The fat goblin who urged us to leave the keep was not as happy to see us well rested as we slain his followers. He tried to escape but there was no where to run, the floor dripping with the blood of his kin.

We would not be denied our passage, [Enemy] has to be stopped.



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