Greyhawk: The Undead

The Forgotten Caverns

<font>This goblin we came to know as splug led us through the crypt that the keep had now become, the stench of goblin and death soaked the halls. What are the goblins upto? What are they trying to accomplish? We continued onwards into an area that looked to be older the the keep itself. Excavations occured in these chambers but what did they find, we explored the bowels of this keep as the masonry slowly turned into solid rock.

The sound of water echod in the distance, surly it would serve as a good place to rest before pushing further into the keep after [Villian Name]. As we approached the sound of the water we began to notice holes where something appeared to have digged out filled with the bones of goblin. A smug look shot across Tuks face as we approached the first goblin body, it wasnt until she backed into the hole that I got mine. Her skil with a blade was only mirrored in her clumbslyness, ill temperaed at times </font><font>but a welcome member of our crusade.

We approached the cavern and a light glow emited from what appeared to be plants in the distance, a spined beast sat at the far edge of the room feeding on the vegetation of the area. A glint of green caught Eccias eye from behind the creature yet as we moved forward the creature sat unaturally still. As we approached the sounds of digging we all around us as beasts sprug out of the ground all around us, the large creature turned to face us emiting a loud shriek as the smaller creatures began to slash at us.

Clever Girl…</font><font>

</font><font>Party XP Gained: 2072xp
Party Funds Gained: 47gp 216s 0c
Extra Funds: 12gp 0s 0c
Notable Items: 5x Amythysts (50g)</font>
, <font>2x Potion of Healing</font>



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