Greyhawk: The Undead

Halls of the Dead

We dug deeper into these halls, into a place where the walls are miscoloured from water and mold. A place where light has not been seen for a very long time.

These caverns are of unnatural feel, runes etched into the strong emit a faint glow and block our paths forward. Not knowing the origin of this magic or the nature of this area fills my mind with worry. The world is at stake and desperate measures are needed, we toss the torch into the nearby rune and the chamber echos with screams that no mortal should hear.

The darkness evelops us and sounds of the dead wallow in these halls, as we catch our breath we stand face to face with those who died in these halls centuries ago. We now knew why the goblins did not come here.

Our encounter bore unexpected fruit, from the depths of these crypts and the untold horrors they contained a place of salvage I never expected. Down a hallway lined with sarcofogasses a light provided a beacon of hope. A shrine endowed with the paintings of Bahumet, Lord of all Dragons were surrounded by knights. The cieling cast a gentle glow of starlight into the room gently illuminating it.

The ravages of time appeared non-existant in this chamber, as Bahumet shone down upon it preserving its nature. I paid my respects, whispering a solumn prayer extending my thanks as a servant of Morodin. The noises of the undead were illy silent, silenced by the dragon lord himself. My heart was filled with feeling of home and my upbringing within the temple.

The gods watch over us this night.

<font>Party XP Gained: 1760</font><font>xp + 1400xp
Party Funds Gained: 0gp 0s 0c +</font>
<font>0gp 0s 0c</font><font>



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