Greyhawk: The Undead

Burial Site - Fall 597

The midday sun poked through the forest canopy, the path which we had followed on our way here thinned and slowly disolved into the lush green of the forest. We continued onwards south until noticing a large clearing and what appeared to be a slight depression in the land.

We had found the excavation site; as we emerged from the treeline we saw numerous figures working below to close off the site as a pair of dragonwhelps standing guard. I locked eyes with the beasts as we both stood our ground, unsure of how the events would play out. Out of the crowd a short humanoid beckoned us further into the camp, eager to show us the dragon bones what they had discovered.

To most people, dragons were things of legend and myth and as such the ability to view a remants of these creatures was a thrill to our scolars. We had our suspicions but the wherabouts of [Evas] father and any trace of the kobold threat that was rumored to be in the area was more important then our safety.

As we made our way down the slope and into the camp [ashleys] eyes glistened as she sized up the crates and there potential contents. The drow introduced himself as [Kellaral] sent out to discover an artifact and while he would not say [Ashleys] character quiety began to ready her weapon out of pure instinct. It wasnt until we questioned the man about his motives and whereabouts of [Evas father]. At that moment he drew his weapon and those who appeared to be working attempted to surround us, we were foolish to walk into this trap but the only way out was to fight our way out.

One by one we slayed men and beast alike until only Kellaral remained, calling upon the divine furvor of Morodin, my hammer rained down on him causing him emense agony but rather then staggering back he disapeared. I called out at his cowardess thinking he had used cheap parlor tricks to escape until I felt the sharp sting of his [weapon type] slide past the plates of my armor and into my flesh.

Enraged I turned to face him once again dealing a terrible blow and knocking him close to death. [Chris] was quick to rush over to him, disarming him of weapons and binding his arms and legs. With the [ashleys] blade at his throat he was quick to explain his actions and bestow the location of [Evas] father, not 30 feet from our location obscured from view.

[evas father] appeared to be unharmed although emotionaly stired, he began to explain his reasoning for being here and what he had discovered. In his excavation [eva father] found what be believed to be a mirror of unknown origin or value, upon retrieving the item [nicole] and [eva] did not detect a magical essence. Whoever wanted this mirror sent mercenaries to retrieve it no matter the cost.

As he began to speak of his scientific findings, [prisioner] faltered to his side allowing [Nicoles] to catch a glimpse of a medalian under his vestments. As [nicole] grasped the necklace to examine it further, [evas fathers] eyes widened as he gasped [wife name] and asked to see the medalian. Nicole carefully removed the necklace from our drow prisioner and handed it to [evas father], I later came to realize that this medalian had belonged to [Evas mother].

He held the amulet carefully, brushing the dirt from its casing and opening it. He looked inside, smiled slightly and removed the piece of parchment from within handing the amulet back to [nicole] as he folded it away in his pocket. Nicole attempted to give it to [eva] but as she reached for the item she closed [nicoles] hand around, without a word we understood what the necklace meant to her. That is how the amulet came into my possession, it is quite an honor to wear an item such as this but even moreso knowing it once contained something far more valuable to [Eva] and [Evas Father]. I wear it with great humility.

As evas father left our attention turned back to the drow, where we passionatly discussed the fate of this man. Many were in favor of killing this creature where he kneeled but decided not to sully the memory of this day nor kill living proof of Sister Lenoras darkest fears.

Battleworn and not wishing to bring any more attention to ourselves [Chris] character exposed a secret of the [southern coast] on how to transport prisoners discreetly. Out of his gear [chris] retrieved a large sack, picked [Kellaral] up by the neck and deposited him into the bag which he then threw over his shoulder folowed by a muffled cry.

"Shall we depart" [chris] said, and we made our way back to winterhaven as I let out a small chuckle.

As we approached Winterhaven a strange chill had filled the air and not a single person was in sight, it felt like a graveyard. Aware of this change we carefully walked into Winterhaven and to the temple. Our prisoner validated sister lenora feelings however this issue involved the entire town, we had to find Lord Pedrag. On our way to the Inn (Sage name) stopped us speaking of the research we had asked.

Upon further discussion we learned of the keeps history and the evil it once concealed along with source of the medalian. The obsidian mark was that of Orcus, a demon god of great power. [prisioner name] began to flail in the bag but quickly stopped after quick stike of [nicoles] quarterstaff.

With that knowledge the old man scurried back into his tower to investigate this threat and we made our way to [pub name] to speak with Lord Pedrag. Luckily for us he was in attendance as we called him over and requested a private audience…

<font>Party XP Gained: </font><font>1198</font><font>xp
Party Funds Gained: gp s c</font>



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