Greyhawk: The Undead

Barowin's Deceit - Fall 597 (Afternoon)

...Lord pedrag follows us into the room above the bar. As Eccai closes the door behind us as [Chris] unties the backpack and shows the lord our captive. Bound, paniced and gaged [Prisoner Name] now looked up us as Pedrag looked downward. As the prisoner spoke of what he knew Lord Pedrag expressions dropped from confusion, misbelief and finally fear.

When the prisoner was done telling us what he knew the lord signaled one of his men downstairs. Two members of the watch retrieved the Faye bound and gagged halfling allowing us to continue our conversation in private.

Lord pedrag sat on the nearest bed and grasped his forehead, This is far worse then he could have ever imagined. Far worse then he ever could have dreamed.

"Barowin." he stated in misbelief…
"Barowin has been part of this town for over a year, he was one of us and now this… None of my men are equipped to handle a threat like this".
We all knew his claim to be true, neither trained nor equipped the local militia would be easy prey for Barowins men. The group was united in what we had to do next.

We approached Barowins shop and with great haste and weapons drawn as we burst into the shop. Barowin looked up from his book, adjusted his glasses and said "What took you so long?". We stood there motionless for a second but as the halfling sprung towards him, Barowin bolted through a door behind him. We quickly followed knowing full well whatever awaited us would surely be a ambush. The only way out of the building was through the front door and by Morodin's resolve nothing would get by my shield.

As we entered the backroom we caught the light escaping from a door we would not have noticed otherwise. I raised my shield as we descended the spiral staircase into the cold darkness. A simple shopkeeper Barowin was not.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs the room was partially lit by the flickering of candels and the sounds of absolute silence. Barowin was standing at what looked to be an alter and as we stepped forwards, four figures additional stepped out of the shadows. [Nicole] grabbed onto my Pauldrons as fear ran through her voice, the figures that stood before us were not creatures of this world.

These figures appeared as shadows upon men, long flowing black robes seemed to draft from a non-existant breeze passing from our world into the darkness. I had never seen things but I had heard of these creatures from the knights of my order, my grip tightened.

It was a hardfough but as Barowins limp body hit the floor we knew that this was only the begining. We all stood still for a moment catching our breath and taking in what happened. It was in this moment I noticed the light of the candles flickering ever so gently in what seemed to be a breeze, as I approached the alter I noticed what appeared to be a seam in the wall. As we pushed back the wall a cold shrill went down my spine. I'uz. Countless books of devotions to Iuz and a chest filled with offerings of 200 gold and 200 silver. I look over and the halfling frantically stuffing her pockets will our spoils.

What was this place? Who was Barowin really?

I had never seen so many forbidden texts in one place before, as I flipped through the papers it appeared that Sister Lenoras concerns were very real. Talk of awakening a Shadow Wurm, death and disease incarnate. My order must be notified.

As we left this crypt I retrieved a copy of the tome for further study, My order must know of these beasts. We made our way towards to keep where Lord Pedrag and Commander [Capt of the Guard Name] was questioning the prisioner. Lord Pedrag asks what has happened to Barowin and we explain our story and show him the book, his face goes white and guards are dispatched to Barowin's shop to secure the materials from falling into the wrong hands. Lord Pedrag thumbs through the book but his comprehension of the materials at face value is no better then mine, we seek out Valthrum in order to gain some perspective into this threat. We speak to Valthrum but he seems more interested in whats contained in these books then what we have to say, we leave the old man to his tower while we head down to the Inn.

Its only midday but today was a rough day, everyone agrees to relax and get a few pints.
In my case it ends up being 11.


<font>Party XP Gained: </font><font>1400</font><font>xp
Party Funds Gained: 65gp 13s
Barowin's Loot: 200gp 200s</font>



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