Welcome to Greyhawk: The Undead 4th Edition D&D Campaign.

This campaign follows a group of intrepid adventurers who upon joining forces are asked to come to the aid of Winterhaven. They are soon put to the test as they aid the town with their Kolbold problems and proceed to find more then Kobolds lurking in the Shadows of Winterhaven.

Check the wiki for all resources: Campaign Wiki.

Read the blog for Bairwin’s personal account or view the timeline for a high level overview.

This campaign uses 4th edition D&D with a few House Rules. It has begun with Keep on the Shadowfell including some variations and will continue with other 4e adventures as well as a custom conversion of Ruins of Greyhawk to 4e. The campaign is set in the world of greyhawk, also converted to 4e using old Greyhawk source material.

Greyhawk: The Undead

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